All the symposia are now available:

Symposium Title: The social function of mathematics examination questions

 Heather Mendick -  Brunel University, London, UK; Candia Morgan and Cathy Smith - Institute of Education, London, UK

Symposium Title: Exploring the relationship between in-service mathematics teacher support and retention
 Mellony Graven - SA Numeracy Chair, Rhodes University, South Africa; Barbara Pence, Susie Hakansson and Peter Pausigere - The California Maths Project, San Jose, USA.

Symposium Title: Understanding the prevalence of concrete working with number across teaching and learning in Foundation Phase
 Hamsa Venkat and Lynn Bowie -  University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Symposium Title: Teaching mathematics for social justice: Conversations with educators
Coordinators:  David W. Stinson - Georgia State University, USA; Anita A. Wager- University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
 Presenters:     Tonya Gau Bartell - Michigan State University, USA; Brian R. Evans -  Pace University, USA; Eric (Rico) Gutstein - University of Illinois, Chicago, USA;
 Jacqueline Leonard - University of Wyoming, USA
Discussants:    Victoria Hand - University of Colorado-Boulder, USA; Joi Spencer -  University of San Diego, USA