All of the plenary papers are now available.

Identity-work as a political space for change: The case of mathematics teaching through technology use.  [pdf]
Dr Anna Chronaki, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece
Theme: Identity in Mathematics Education
Response by Troels Lange: Whose identity? Response to Anna Chronaki's keynote address at MES7.  [pdf]
Response by Peter Pausigere: On Maths teacher identity: A response to Anna Chronaki’s ‘Identity work’.  [pdf]

Some other papers by Anna Chronaki
Learning about 'learning identities' in the school arithmetic practice: The experience of two young minority Gypsy girls in the Greek context of education.  [pdf]
Disrupting "development" as the quality/equity discourse: cyborgs and subalterns in school technoscience    [pdf]
An entry to dialogicality in the maths classroom: encouraging hybrid learning identities    [pdf]
Troubling essentialist identities: Performative mathematics and the politics of possibility    [pdf]

Constructing descriptions and analyses of mathematics constituted in pedagogic situations, with particular    [pdf]   
reference to an instance of addition over the reals.
Dr Zain Davis, University of Cape Town, South Africa.
Theme: Sociological Analyses of Mathematics Classrooms
Response by Candia Morgan: Reflections on evaluation and values in mathematics education practices  [pdf]
Response by  Surgeon Xolo:

The privileging of English in mathematics education research, just a necessary evil?   [pdf]     Abstract in many languages [pdf]
Dr Tamsin Meaney, Malmö University, Sweden
Theme: Multilingualism in Mathematics Education.
Response by Lindiwe Tshabalala:  Mathematics education research in South Africa: A response to Meaney   [pdf]
Response by  David Stinson: An English Only fountain: A response to Tamsin Meaney’s critique of English privilege in mathematics education research.  [pdf]
The mathematical practices of those without power.    [pdf]
Dr Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Portland State university, Portland, Oregon, USA.
Theme: Critical Mathematics Education.
Response by  Shaheeda Jaffer: Response to Mukhopadhyay:  The mathematical practices of those without power   [pdf]
Response by  Joi Spencer:  Comments on “The mathematical practices of those without power”     [pdf]